The Friday Night Knitting Club

Title: The Friday Night Knitting Club

Author: Kate Jacobs

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Ltd

First published: In Great Britain in 2007

I’ve read the paperback version.


What’s it about:

It is the story of a knitting group formed around the single mother Georgia Walker, the owner of Walker and Daughter, a knittingshop. Georgia is a positive and strong woman, who in a short time comes across some people from her past, so she has to face some old demons. The other knitters have problems of their own and it is easy to feel for each and everyone of the characters, even the males. It would be to easy to say that love conquers all, because that isn’t true, but love and understanding one another is the message that seeps through.

What I thought of it:

For me it was the perfect feel-good-book, yes, I needed a hanky and I know the story is a bit ‘pink and fluffy’ and not totally believable, but it was a great weekend read, with a few words of wisdom: first love yourself and then let it shine over the others.

It may not be Great Literature, but is was a lovely read.

The Friday Night Knitting Club


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